Ever Near N.V./S.A.

Ever Near N.V./S.A. provides since 2007 for the whole EMEA region, the best-skilled and most experienced Eastern-European customisation and development resources for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Microsoft .NET.

You can sign with Ever Near contracts with Belgian law and courts giving you all guarantees that we will comply and take care of GDPR, privacy, Intellectual Property protection.

We work both for short-term consulting or for long-term assignments by time & material based on timesheets which are invoiced only after client’s approval, or we work by fixed-price project mode, for example with delivery in several stages, billed after each accepted delivery.

Our infrastructure in Belgium, Germany and Eastern-Europe is such that you can choose either to have our resources work on your infrastructure by a secure and safe connection that makes it impossible that any of your code or data leaves your infrastructure, and we work only with employees and have for all staff, be it account manager or developer, a Virtual desktop in Microsoft Azure for all our work such that even our received and sent mails with you are remaining inside the European Union, and with zero info about our cooperation on a local employee laptop.

In case you have yourself not such infrastructure, we will have all our developer environments plus emails and office tools and files and all data on an EU located data centre of Microsoft Azure on Virtual desktops and servers are remaining inside the European Union, and with zero info about our cooperation stored on a local developer laptop or server of ours. We have no physical servers in our enterprise and our developer laptops have only a connector to the remote environment in Microsoft Azure inside Europe or to your own infrastructure. Both data and backup data remain inside the EU using Microsoft Azure.

This means that there is for you zero risk of data leaks of your information, data and IP, and in our GDPR documents with you, the list of personal data outside EU is an empty list.

For customers outside the EU, like US, Canadian, Middle-East and other regions, we use either Azure with data centres located in that region, or we do remote connections to the infrastructure of the client in that region.

We have worked in the past decade mainly for clients based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We also worked a lot for clients in the United States, Canada, France, Qatar, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia and N.-Macedonia.

Our Focus

The focus of our current business and future development are:

All done remotely by our Eastern-European expert developers.

We are proud of what we have to offer ...

• Software development for medium and large companies
• Maintaining and improving existing applications, making changes, troubleshooting, etc.
• Team members working remotely for you.